Junior Jazz DEI Syllabus

taught by Jamee Valin

Course description

This syllabus focuses on strong technical training and skill building for healthy, capable movers from age 5 to 18 in an easy to follow, straightforward format for teachers.  It is a combination of efficient scheduling and structured guidelines with simply laid out and creative phrases that progress over short and long-term timelines.

Students who have completed this material often feel tangible success in ways that are often difficult to manifest on a week by week or month to month reflection.  The goal in creating this resource is to minimize yearly prep work while maintaining, or building, very high results that balance consistency and variation with ease.

What to Expect from the Jr Syllabus:

Warm Up Notes and Phrases

Structured Centre and Travelling Skills and Combos

Yearly Timelines For Clear Progression and Time Management

Variations to Keep Dancers Engaged

Advanced Additions for Further Along Dancers

Music Suggestions

Style Ideas that will Help Educate Your Students on the History of Jazz Dance Level by Level

*The goal in creating this resource is to minimize yearly prep work while maintaining, or building, very high, results that balance consistency and variations with ease. 

Jamee Valin
Jamee Valin
Technical Expertise

Jamee Valin currently works as a contemporary dance artist, educator, performer and producer as well as Artistic Director of Valence Movment (dance theatre), where she has choreographed over 40 professional dance works in the past 9 years. She trained at York University and George Brown College for Dance Performance Studies and Fine Arts Cultural Studies as well as mentored with many leading choreographers throughout Canada including Jennifer Mascall, Claire French and Andrea Nann. Credits include: La Scala Opera Company, Jay9 Dance Projects, Sweett Moves, The Lovers Cabaret, Give Me Brilliance, LastName FirstName Productions, I/O Movement, Cadence Ballet, Abraca-dazzle Tours, Diamond Tooth Gerties, Dreamwalker Dance Company, Canada’s Ballet Jorgen (Rehearsal Director) and New Mineral Collective (Toronto Biennial). Jamee holds Level 1 Acrobatic Arts Certification, Level 1 + 2 Conditioning with Imagery Certification and has completed teacher training in Limon Modern Technique. Overall, Jamee is extremely energetic and thrives sharing knowledge about dance as a physical and artistic practice through with relationships in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. Affiliations include: City Dance Corps, Durham School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, George Brown College/ Canada’s Ballet Jorgen, Broadway Arts Centre, Defy Gravity Dance Co., ADEA, Shine Dance Productions, Terpsichore Dance Celebration (Scott Kufske), Shy-Ann Dance Productions, Dance Soul/Dance Co. and more! 

Course Curriculum

Junior Jazz
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