Concussion Management Guide

taught by Rebecca Reinhart

Course description

Are you, or someone you know suffering from a concussion? Wether it's a severe concussion, a minor concussion or a more long term experience with Post- Concussion Syndrome (PCS), this concussion management guide is here to help you! Developed from a previous sufferer and healing advocate, this guide contains tips and tools to help you, or someone you know, understand and manage symptoms.

A note from the author: "I felt very misunderstood and lost when I was diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome. Doctors would tell me I looked alright, but I knew something was very, very off. I was determined to find the best advice, and on top of that find both medical and alternative methods to help me heal fully - which I did. Included in this concussion management guide are activity suggestions and common symptoms (broken down a non-medical stand point). The goal is to help you feel more sure about where you are within your injury and to help you heal. I want to share my research from countless other individuals and organizations who specialize in concussions, or brain injuries."

*This is not a medical guide. Always see your specialist!

Rebecca Reinhart
Rebecca Reinhart
DEI Co-Owner & Dance Specialist